Companies and individuals wanting to utilize electronic documents for their business activities first need to establish an account on the eGrain℠ System. For security purposes, all users and companies will be subject to a complete application and verification process. This process is designed to maintain our high level of security and protect our users’ proprietary and confidential information.

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To start the registration process, please select one of the user types below.

Grain businesses wanting to use any of the eGrain applications.
Grain businesses issuing warehouse receipts that are:
  • licensed by either the USDA under the U.S. Warehouse Act, or
  • licensed by State licensing authorities under state warehouse laws or
  • not licensed by either USDA or state authorities but is operating under a Uniform Grain and Rice Storage Agreement with USDA - FSA.
Grain businesses issuing price later contracts that are licensed to buy grain from producers.
Grain businesses that are licensed by the USDA under the U.S. Warehouse Act, that would like to participate in requesting and receiving Service Licenses online.
Producer of a type of grain accommodated by the eGrain℠ system and a customer of a grain business using the eGrain℠ system.
Any bank or lending institution, which accepts a grain warehouse receipt as collateral for a loan to a grain warehouse.
Any Processor or Grain/Rice Miller that purchases and redeems warehouse receipts.
A clearing agent for a Board of Trade, also called a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM)
The Division of USDA - FSA that is responsible for licensing grain warehouses that voluntarily choose to obtain a federal license (in lieu of a state issued license) to store grain or the State agencies which license grain businesses in their state.
Pool Marketers of grain or rice that buy and sell warehouse receipts.
Users of the eGrain℠ system that do not fit any of the user type descriptions above. For example: an entity, person, etc that takes title to a grain warehouse receipt who is not a warehouse, producer, bank or lending institution.