eGrain℠ developed an electronic eLicensing system for the USDA, to manage applications, renewals, transfers, and payments for the various service licenses used in the agriculture industry. eLicensing allows regulatory and warehouse personnel to process service license applications much more quickly and efficiently. eLcensing eliminates the burdens associated with handling, filing, storing and safeguarding licenses and eliminates postage and other handling related costs.

eLicensing was developed at the request of the USDA - Warehouse Licensing and Examination Division and the first phase managed service licenses (WA-53). eGrain maintains a public access section to allow search and view capabilities for all electronic service licenses approved by the USDA. This information can be found here.

  • eLicensing offers multiple payment options to grain warehouses, including ACH electronic checks, credit cards and paper checks
  • Warehouse personnel never have to worry about losing or misplacing another license
  • Customers can view their licenses for all company locations from any internet connected computer
  • Warehouses can print and post their licenses for public view
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